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Monday, October 04, 2004

ahoy ahoy!

hello, my name is brooke, and i am a craft-a-holic. last nite i finished my french press cozy to find, (of course after an hour of finishing and weaving in ends of the lovely blue green and black stripes) that it looked completely silly on my french press. directly after that, i began to crochet a table runner. wip stripey cardi for lil sebs is going nowhere. i look at it everyday and am just sick of it! i am halfway finished with it and i just cant bring myself to complete it for some reason...i just have knitters block i guess. today i took sebastian to the indoor park with anna and the boys, drank 2 pots of coffee and a huge cup of irish breakfast tea. danced to stevie wonder with the wee man and played around a bit with my new 4-track. i cant wait to get recording! my plan is to cover "sign, sealed, delivered" as my first "test project". its fun to sing to, and if i can figure out that bass line, i'll be stylin'. i'll post pics of my projects as soon as i can!


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