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Friday, April 07, 2006

Herb Walk in Tryon park...yea botany!

this is a picture of our cute plush goodies by My Paper Crane...

This is more of an exercise in brushing up on my Latin... yesterday my class went on a wonderful hike in Tryon Park (nestled in SW Portland, next to Lewis and Clark college) and we spotted the following plants:
Trillium ovatum: if you were to pick this amazing would take 7 years for it to grow back! The oldest recorded Trillium ovatum in Oregon is over 100 years old!
Viola glabella, wood violet: edible and medicinal...we spotted yellow ones, but they come in colors ranging from purple to white...lovely little plants.
Hydrophyllum tenuipes, waterleaf: edible and rampant...
Veratum sp., hellebore: POISON one or tow bites of this would do you in. For good!
Plantago major, plantain: medicinal...the ones we saw were only babies.
Urtica dioica, nettles: edible (once cooked, stinging rat bastards raw, unless of course you are a nettle fairy and can pick them without being stung!) medicinal...a cup of nettle tea-a-day keeps the doctors away..YAY!
Galium aparine, cleavers: edible and medicinal, cleavers rock and I bet there are some growing in your yard right now...they're in mine!
Asarum caudatum, wild ginger: holy moly...this plant smells like a food of the gods...and it tastes like it too...
Lysichiton americanum, skunk cabbage: stinky. there's not too much you can do with it, pretty, but stinky. An amazing creature, it tries to mimic the smell of carrion as to attract the bugs to reproduce it. A member of the Lily family the flower greatly resembles a Cala lily...grows in bog-gy type places.
Berberis nervosa and Mahonia nervosa, Oregon Grape: Not only the state flower of Oregon, but a highly useful medicinal that pretty much replaces Goldenseal, works wonders in conjunction with Thuja plicata (Red Cedar).

to be continued...


  • At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Love the pictures and I love the herbal lesson - awesome. As you learn, so shall we. Miss you much and I think of you and Kerry often. Lots of Love from the big CA. -Barb

  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger gurlpurl said…

    thanks barb!
    i keep wanting to go down there for a visit...i am hoping that i will make it down there sometime this summer...

  • At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…



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