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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


ahhh... the babe is down for his nap, and i am ready to keep crocheting this table runner. kerry had a good idea of making it into a lap blanket instead. she said i should do that because we havent seen the top of the dining room table in some time. it's covered with paperwork and piles of fabric. what do you think? table runner? blanket? ... the new crochet me! site rocks! i am working on a couple of designs to submit to them. i am happy to find that there is a crochet version of knitty on the web...its about time! i also get a delivery from manic organic today. hip! hip! hooray! fresh, organic fruits and veggies to last us 2 weeks! yummers. my digital cam is busted, pics of wips will be up soon i promise!


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