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Monday, November 08, 2004

no more candy

oh my goodness.... i never thought that i could eat enough chocolate, but alas, i fear it is so. no more candy for me...please!! well, in the past two weeks i have had quite a lot of out of town visitors....(hence the lack of posts..) first, tobias came down from lake city, warshington...we had a great late nite talk, watched some karaoke at the alibi, and pretty much just kicked it most of the nite. then the lovely star was here "on location" in portland last week, and we were able to have a few good meals (and desserts). we chatted it up BIG was sooo great to see her, nothing's changed between us really, good friends are like that i suppose. even if you dont see them for, let's say 3 YEARS or so, when you do, it's like you were never ever apart. we are trying to figure out how we can go on a road trip together...hopefully to nyc? i miss the big apple...i have a fantasy of having a wee shop there... matt is home sick today, poor guy, i must run and make lunch...


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