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Friday, October 29, 2004

pumpkins and mud

yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch on sauvie island. kerry has dubbed our visit "the quickest pumpkin patch visit ever!", due to the rainfall and plentiful dirt, the pumpkin patch was very VERY muddy. sebastian was the first victim, falling face first in it about 8 times until i took a hit and finally grabbed him and got mud all over my jacket and skirt. There was mud everywhere! kerry wore sandals...( like woa ! on a rainy day to the pumpkin patch?) and got icky muddy feet. I tried to hose sebastian down in the tub where you wash your pumpkin off but he just kept getting away and getting muddy all over again. hence i took him to the car, stripped him down to a t-shirt and diaper, and we "vroomed" out of the patch as fast as we could. no hay rides, no scouring the entire patch for the perfect pumkin, just a mad frenzy in and out! although i must say that the pumpkins we ended up with are very lovely. we're going to carve them tonite after a major housecleaning. guests are coming from out of town today and tomorrow...tob and spud will be spending the nite i think, and tomorrow is my spooktacular birthday party! last nite i tried on a few different options for my vampire woa! did i mention the HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? BATS AND VAMPIRES AND GHOSTS I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM ALL HOORAY!!!! i'll be posting a ton of pics at the end of the weekend and you'll see what i mean.


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