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Monday, November 22, 2004

to be missed

i just snuck downstairs on tippy toe ( sebs is all sickies and FINALLY fell asleep a few mintues ago...) to check the mail, and i got a flyer from Mabels Cafe and Knittery saying that they are having a HUGE sale... the DAY AFTER Thanksgiving...the day that i also happen to be leaving in the wee hours of the morning for none other than rural TENNESSEE!!! i preceded to throw my fists to the heavens and whispered softly (as not to wake his majesty the baby)..."OH MERCIFUL GOD WHY HADST THOU FORSAKEN ME?!?!WHY, LORD...WHY?? " i heart mabels, and had decided months ago to make every xmas and hannukuh present this year by hand...having purchased incredible amounts of yarn already....would have loved to gotten in on the yarn sale...but alas, it wasnt meant to happen. to keep my mind off of my sad fortune, i in turn checked my yarn order from Elann and to my complete joy, they shipped my yarn today, which means (hopefully) that i'll get it by the time i leave for tennessee! OH LORD WHY DID I EVER DOUBT YOU?


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