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Friday, October 08, 2004

stormy weather

ooh its the first storm of fall! i am soooo happy! its raining and windy and i am sitting in front of the window drinking coffee and listening to ella fitzgerald. yay! fall has finally arrived! time for cocoa and marshmallows, pumpkin bread, and casseroles! baking baking baking!! woo hoo! my theology class yesterday was amazing, i can never get over how very very much i love history, especially biblical jewish and christian history. i found out that i get to teach a class for the cathedral arts program in making your own shrine. glitter, collage, paint, ect...for the lenten season, should be super crafty fun! not to mention just a bit kitschy? a winning combination. ok i have been super duper busy as of late knitting and crocheting. yesterday i started a pattern knitting a pair of fingerless gloves, in hopes that they will come out completely fabulous and i can give them as gifts for the holidays. i think i might try them in crochet also... there is nothing better than making someone a gift. a goal of mine is to knit xmas stockings this year instead of sewing them. i am thinking black and white stripes for mine, kinda of nightmare before christmas-ish. i am hoping to save some moolah so i can go buy the yarn soon. i just adore yarn. dont you? this weekend kerry and i are going to have a sew-in and finish our halloween costumes, i am going as a vampire as usual, but this year i have a kick ass black and red vinyl corset! so i am sewing a bitchin black satin goth-y dress to wear under it with huge bell sleeves and sheer black panels with bats on them...i cant wait. kerry is going as mary had a little lamb and sebastian is going as her lamb! i have also been busy recording some new songs on the 4 track. 4 tracks are soo easy! i never knew. i didnt realize how much i had missed making music and recording, and am quite pleased in the manner that its coming back into my life. well sebs has watched too much tv already this morning...gotta go read to him to counter it.


  • At 12:29 PM, Blogger Delgado said…

    oh how i love halloween. i'm going as a skeleton. i have this thing where i have to be something new each year. i can recall every halloween costume since i was three. Fall is truly my favorite season. I think i'm going to put some apple cider in the microwave right now and have a splendid drink.

    oh by the way. I'm jealous of you. You sound so productive, where as today, i have done absolutely nothing but play pac-man.


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