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Thursday, November 25, 2004


well my friends, sebs and i will be leaving portland tomorrow morning (7am....) for my biannual trip to tennessee to visit my beautiful parents. we'll be on the farm for a few weeks, with a jaunt to the new Stax museum in memphis, and (hopefully), a trip to visit friends in NYC!!!!

every time i visit the big apple, i never ever ever ever ever ever want to leave. i often try to talk my dh into moving there, but there's no allure for him. "too big...too expensive..." reasonable arguments, but when have ever been a reasonable kind of gal?!

we'll be back home on the 17th of december...until then, i may not post too much... i will however have my knitting needles flying (idle hands are the devils playthings...right?)... working on about 10 presents, none of which i can talk about yet, (since they are gifts,) but, i WILL post pictures as soon as i am able...i'll miss all of my friends while i am away...xo, gurlpurl aka brooke


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