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Saturday, December 25, 2004


OK, so yesterday I made: lamb and spinach sfeeha's, arabic bread, lebne, hummus, and tabouleh. John brought over dried figs, some amazing pears and tangerines, goat cheese, and tons of yummys. we had a yule log cake that was uber yummers. i havent cooked that much in forever!
this morning was present opening time and we made a $40 limit to our gifts to eachother this really made this years present giving a lot less stressful! (not to mention a bit more creative and meaningfull) i scored nick cave's novel, "and the ass saw the angel", red lowtop converse, and a staple singers cd!! we have been listening to our traditional elvis christmas cd (kerry and i grew up on it) and OH! i should mention what i gave matt, well a vintage viewfinder with some vintage reels to go in it ( and they were handmade ones too!) a joe sacco graphic novel ( that he already had! i am a dork) and another little graphic novel, from reading frenzy.
sebastian scored all across the board including a vintage 49ers jersey, some shape sorters, and ton of great books.
well its definetly coffee time, i now regret breaking my new vegan vows for last nites feast...dairy no more! merry christmas and happy new year to ya'll! drop me a line! oh yea spud and i decided that we are going to call the shop "memoir." yay!


  • At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Barry, Kerry and I send our love to you all. We miss you and hope you are enjoying your first Christmas in your new home....Barry wishes you an alternative Christmas.


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