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Friday, January 21, 2005

cabin fever

everything concerning opening up the shop has been going at full speed...we met with our lawyer a few days ago... (i can finally say..."i need to speak with my lawyer first.."!!) and everything is right on track. We should be able to move into our space on n. mississippi by the first of febuary. it's hard to believe! i've been doing tons of buying, scanning ebay for deals on a cash register, bought a serger, and am now planning on what i'll be sewing for the shop. it's going to be great being able to have my workshop within the store. i can just sit and sew or knit and make lovely items while people meander through. perfection!
yesterday, i got the first of our many orders in the mail, and am having a ton of fun fondling all of the merchandise and imagining what it will look like in the shop.
we are still looking for someone to make up our logo design and print materials....any takers!?! well i should run, sebastian is mashing some buttered toast into our couch. more later. xo, b


  • At 9:47 AM, Blogger UnderCrackers said…

    I am so please for you and not a little jealous...*wishes she had a store to sell stuff in too*
    Good luck a million times, Sam xxxx


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