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Thursday, July 14, 2005

tonite is the mississippi avenue music walk. it happens every second thursday, through the spring and summer. the normal street fairish stuff: art, music, hobo's, screaming children and badly behaved parents. i have to be here until at least 9pm and kerry is being a saint among saints and watching sebastian...matt is working at bridge city comics. last nite i attempted to put together my new spinning wheel so i could make some yarn here in the shop...but NOOOOO...the lady whom i had bought it from decided to send me the instructions to a different model and i think that i have put it together BACKWARDS!! ACK! we'll see tonite...i am going to try to get some oil for it from cait..(.i should probably call her first though...anyway...she should come over with man tonite!) it looks like not only will i be knitting everyone gifts for xmas this year..i will have actually SPUN some of the yarn! i also met the really nice girl who owns this great dress shop around the corner called ""duchess". she is having her grand opening tonite, and i cannot wait to go over and see more of her amazing dresses. (they are all remade of vintage pattterns, to size 20!!) ok, now off to helping hang the installation thats going in tonite....


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