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Saturday, June 25, 2005

good morning

well i've sold the musicman 210 in my quest to become an all acoustic kind of gal...(am i really ready for that? necessity says so.) so it's time to put my nose to the grind to learn a lot of old-timey songs on the geetar and to practice harmonies with my sister...cait on the ukelele and the yarnbirds already have our first gig in october! last nite cait and i went to fabric depot and scored some really great fabric and patterns to make purses and knitting bags/needle rolls for our shops. i am working the shop all day today and kerry is helping me out there too. we received our shipment from if'n books yesterday and i want one of everything! handmade paper goods are sooo lovely! i have been knitting a cardigan (bartlett sport weight cone in dark red) and a present for my mother, not to mention a few items for the shop... and i will be starting on a stitch diva pattern for a cloche hat sample so that i can teach some crochet at mabel's! woo hoo!


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