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Sunday, October 10, 2004


my goodness! what a weekend! we've had 2 out of town visitors, first my friend spud from seattle, and second my sister-in-law paula from utah. that is one really nice thing about having a big house is that you can have friends over, and they dont have to sleep in the living room! i must be a grown-up now. the weekend was pretty uneventful, i spent most of it watching sebastian and cleaning. although i did spend some of it recording on the 4-track and playing guitar. i was also able to watch mysteries on opb. can i just give a shout out here to public television, and do my duty as a member to get you to become a member too? public television rocks!! mysteries is one of my favorite shows, and this one was called death in holy was an entire show about guys in monk-ie outfits in favorite! i crocheted a nice bowl, and am done with two sets of fingerless gloves. one black, and one a multi-brown w/pink. (pics once the camera is back from the shop i promise.) tomorrow i am meeting with a lady named cathryn who plays bass...and we're gonna have coffee and talk shop. i am excited because i have very much been wanting to get back into playing music with other people, its not as much fun by myself! in my life, when it rains, it pours. now i have a couple of projects possibly starting up. tomorrow is also great because paula and i are going to hit up two of my favorite local yarn shops, lint, and mabels knittery....well its time fer a bath with my favorite suds from, graveyard and crypt are my favorite scents...(my birthday is on election day, nov. 2nd in case anyone was wondering....)


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