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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


well my valentine gave me a huge cone of wonderful bartlett wool red fingerweight yarn. we went out for a very yummy sushi dinner, and even watched the first episode of horatio hornblower with kerry and john. we figured since john had never had the pleasure of horatio's campiniess and hotness...we'd indulge him. it turned out however, that kerry and i enjoyed it far more than john...matt on the other was his idea in the first place!
today we got a wee refund from the state so off to target (gasp! horror!) to buy a much needed new coffee maker (our lovely french press b usted a while ago...much sad making.) and i scored a chenille slipcover for the couch for $55!! i am quite proud of my ability to hone in on the's nice to know that i still have it in me.
i also bought the latest issue if interweave knits hot off of the presses today!
i must run...xo, b


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