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Friday, July 22, 2005

sebbies and i went for a long, long, long walk this morning. all the way from our house to Mabels. (that's at least 5 miles round trip! ) on the way, i stopped off at ptown scooters to look at the scooter of my dreams, Stella. *sigh* i have to start saving my pennies right away! nothing worth anything is easy... saw cait this morning, and met her new employee elisabeth, who is super cute and nice. sebs gave all his lovies to cait, and they both picked blackberries in her backyard. then it was time to walk all the way back home....
it is quite humid today, as it was 93 degrees yesterday and last nite we have thunder storms and some rain. YUCK! humidity is the worst!
tonite, kerry, ashley, matt, sebs, cait, and I are going to go out for din din, and maybe a wee bit of a band practice?
i am the shop until 7, and am almost finished with the bias garter stich scarf.


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