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Monday, October 11, 2004

top secret

at this very moment i am burning an old recording onto cd. it is a record i helped to make. as i am listening to my, and andy's voices, songs, guitars, and beats; it strikes me as a terrible thing that this was never ever released. i hope to be able to remedy that soon. (my dreams are not dead.) brown yarn and ribbon was scored today at lint in my yearly stocking up of yarns-that-are-destined-to-be-gifts. in other news, paula and i made an awesome batch of hummus. as i drove her back to the airport, i was watching the planes taking off, and wished that i was on one of them. tonite: coffee with cathryn at backspace and then some pinball at ground control! the addams family is my favorite pinball game that they have there. i hope that someday soon they will obtain and elvira mistress of the dark pinball machine. i am liking italics these days.


  • At 8:03 PM, Blogger Delgado said…

    Holy Cow! i'm a pinball fanatic too. I think though, the Dr. Who pinball machine is my all time favorite. you know, based off that old BBC (british) tv series. My aunt loved it way back when i was a little little tike.

    My friend Scott Travis makes some awesome hummus (and salsa might i add) ...hmm... i haven't seen him since august. I should call him sometime.


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