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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


these past few weeks have been completely wonky! sebastian has beeth teething something fierce, and refuses to sleep, or go to sleep on his own for that matter. last week, matt and i didnt get more than 3 hours sleep a nite because sebastian was soooo cranky!

the store is coming along nicely. spud and i are finally going to sign the lease today! woo hoo! the oregonian did a nice a&e piece last week on the "hot" new N. Mississippi neighborhood, and even wrote about the building that we're moving into! we received the lovely logo ideas from tae yesterday.... and i picked out paint chips a few days ago. lovely shades of chocolate browns, lavenders, some periwinkle, and an orange....should be really nice. i can hardly wait to get the store up and running. it seems so unreal at this point.

i have officially applied to marylhurst university, and am going for a second bachelors in religious studies, and then will apply to their doctorate of divinity program . this is a HUGE step for me, and i feel very excited about it. i know its the right thing to do, i am just flying by the seat of my pants on how i will get school, work, and sebs all taken care of properly. my only consolation is that people DO do it.

i have also taken up spinning my own yarn this past week...and i am already quite addicted. i am very lucky to live in a town where there are more than 10 yarn shops! yesterday i headed down to northwest fiber works, and bought some lovely rovings to spin. one is dyed pink and red, and another, turquoise/purple/yellow/olive. i would love to make something for matt out of yarn t hat i spun, and knitted....but they didnt have any guy-ish type colorways! (hmmm....and if you ever need an idea about what to get me for my birthday or xmas....yarn...yarn supplies....knitting books...all winners!) i wish i had the same patience and desire for housecleaning as i do for knitting and spinning....
well time to get some yummy coffee! xo, b


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