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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

brooke and books

here is a list of books that i adored and finished over the past couple of small feat for the mother of a toddler!
1.dorian gray
2.idyll's of the king
3.mysteries of faith
4.murder on the rue...
5. the Apocrypha (yes the one from the hebrew scriptures)
all of the except #3 i had read before, but as with any good book you get more out of them the second or third time around.
as for my next venture finishing:
NON-Fiction (collection) by Borges, it is SO scholastic...i usually end up jumping around and never finishing. he is one of my all time favorites and lover of dreams.
Oxford Book of Classical Verse...i am about a quarter of the way throughIlliad (yet translation this time round)
Metemorpheses- Ovid was amazing, and this will be the second go round for me too.
anyone else around here truly obsessed with literature of old? that seems to be all i have ever cared for, aside from raymond carver and murakami...
please forgive any spelling errors as i am running on a major week long lack of sleep....


  • At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dearst Bug,

    If I were a doctor I would prescribe a day of rest. You need to take care of yourself!




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