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Saturday, March 12, 2005

friday nite

what i feel like doing tonite 1. now that i am an actual theology student i feel the need to start smoking a pipe while wearing a cardigan (that i knit for myself of course!) 2. to read the gospels to myself, in my new corset and victorian getup, and drinking a fine glass of cognac. the pipe smoking might go well there too 3.a nice walk would be lovely, now that its cooling down out there. it was 75 degrees the beginning of march, in portland oregon...(it's like one of my worst nightmares come true!) have you ever heard the song "lochness" by some velvet sidewalk? its one of my all time favorites. i am planning on going to the Vampire Ball tomorrow nite, and what else? lots and lots of reading. i am also hoping to be able to sleep in tomorrow morning...please keep your fingers crossed on that one. xo, b


  • At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Theology Student! You will look great in the cardigan while sipping a fine glass of cognac. I hope you were able to take your walk. Barry and I just returned from a walk in the woods. The weather is picture perfect at 74 degrees. We are loving it but would it enjoy it even more if you were here sharing it with us....I don't think I know the song "lochness".... I don't know how you are finding time to attend the ball. Let's see, you are moving in a week, opening a new store, taking care of Sebastian and starting back at school. I am surprised you will have any time left over to sleep in tomorrow. I hope you fun tonight. Love Ya!


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