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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

yesterday i recieved in the mail a lovely note and package from my friend david, containing none other than a copy of a VON LMO cd! i am uber excited...i cannot wait to give it a listen!yesterdays lease signing went fine, although i think our realtor is a snob..that comes as no suprise tho....oh! and we bought a g4 powerbook for the shop. i heart having a mac! i also bought matthew a mini ipod for his birthday...(the 10th) and i couldnt wait for him to open it so i just gave it it to him when i came home. i was jumping up and down as he opened he, he thought i was going crazy until he saw what it was, and then he practically yelped for joy. ( to all of you who are either single and working, or have a two income houselhold this might not seem like a big deal but when you're a married couple with a toddler living off of $1200 a IS a big deal!)i've been feeling an itch to get out one nite this week....but i am totally booked with other stuff until saturday nite...sigh.


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