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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

chocolate and orange

i love going to di primi cafe and getting a yummy chocolate and candied orange bun w/ a cup of coffee for breakfast. i have been wanting one all week long and i finally went this morning. yummy yumminess times a million. i dont think i'll need to eat till din din. last nite i made an asparugus marinara w/ pasta and john came over for dinner. he brought with him a gorgeous apple pie AND bread that HE baked himself! not only were they fantastic, they were beautiful too, the apple pie had leaves of dough on the top! he told us all about his month long trip to new zealand ( i am very jealous by the way) and of his wanderlust. i love making new friends! especially ones that have been on some neat adventures. speaking of adventures, kerry and i are planning on driving up to seattle this weekend and going shopping and looking around, who knows...we might even make it an international affair and drive to british columbia! i just barely remember the last time i was there, it seems like forever ago. it is by far one of my favorite cities. on our way to seattle i am hoping to make a pit stop in tacoma, and show kerry teh stadium district including rampart and frisco freeze. in seattle, we might take a ride on the ferry, but i MUST MUST MUST go to vivace's and get some beans for home. (drooool) i have such fond memories of waking up on capital hill at 3pm and walking the few blocks to vivaces and getting a seriously decadent caramel latte. oh, i do miss sleeping... one great thing about not sleeping so much these days is the amount of knitting/sewing/crochet i get finished! this week alone i made a lovely scarf, crocheted bowl, and gloves! gotta run...


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