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Sunday, October 17, 2004

lazy hazy day

yesterday kerry and i drove up to seattle for a rockin' shopping trip! ( lets hear it for student loans! woo hoo! ) first we had a yummy brunch at longshoreman's daughter in fremont (kerry's fav. breakfast place) and then stopped by my old places of employment; burnt sugar and frankie's for some gifts. we then drove downtown, went to nordstroms where i ooh'd and ahh'd over some amazing clothing, my favorite being the knit capelets and marc jacobs tops. kerry bought some grey and pink converse and some makeup. after about 20 mintues in the store my eyes started to glaze over and i just hung out near the piano player so i didnt have to rub elbows with insane lady shoppers. ( i like to look at new clothing and shoe designs and the like, but hate those nordie ladies...they have sharp elbows, streaked hair and the whole high heel w/slacks thing freaks me out. ) i'd much rather just people watch. afterwards we crossed the street to hit the gap. i know, the evil empire right? co-opting indie style? well i would complain more, but since i bought an lovely assortment of : 3 tops/1 sweater/1 skirt/1 pair of cords all for less than $50...i can't really complain. i heart sales! i'm just grateful to finally have some new duds that i didnt have to make myself!
then off to china gate for some kick-ass dim sum and hot and sour soup. ummm they should call it dim yum! i am drooling right now just thinking about it.
today has proven to be a very lazy day so far. just some tv watching and hazelnut latte drinking, diaper changing and now, some crocheting and knitting. i should really get out of my pj's but havent found a good reason yet. sebs is asleep and i have the house to myself, nopt to mention that there's some football on tv!
cathryn and i will be jamming today and i have a couple of new songs to play.
xo, b


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