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Thursday, March 30, 2006

how i would have loved you

i often wonder how in the world i have become so busy?! this past week has found me:
worrying over our dying automobile (no money to fix it, of course)

weeding our new community garden spot and tending to our starts (which include broccoli, carrots, snap peas, bush beans, heirloom tomatoes, purple potatos, basil, motherwort, lavender, rosemary, evening primrose, spinach, and walla walla onions!!) sebastian LOVES to help me in the garden, and with the seedlings...i have to show him every single worm that i come across...he "planted" some nice rocks too...even waters them every day!

my apprenticeship position at NWSH is now in full swing, and i am going to be learning SO much...i am very excited..along with the actual classes beginning tuesday, the hour long drive out into the country is beautiful...and i am very much looking forward to being out of the city 3 entire days a week.

i am also buying memoir from spud, and moving it around the corner with into my friend seyta's we will be able to have both of our shops in one space, saving much on rent and bills...which will make it possible for me to go to school and sebs to stay home with either matt or myself! we are going to become "the enchanted kingdom of duchess and memoir" least that is what we are going to put on the door. :)

holy week is fast approaching and i am truly looking forward to it. i've even signed up for the over night vigil on maundy thursday. (1 am to be exact!)

i think that might be it...? either way i should run as there are actually people in the shop! xo,b

Sunday, March 19, 2006

down yonder in the holler

we have been in tennessee for the past week...wandering in the woods, eating pie, playing with all of the animals, taking drives deep into the countryside, and enjoying family. we have had many adventures, which i will write about upon our we fly back home to portland. i already miss tennessee...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

it is snowing!

sebs and i played outside all morning whilst huge snowflakes fell around us...hooray for snow! tomorrow, matthew turns 30!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

just another day

Last night, in celebration of our new electric rice cooker, I made a super spicy tofu stir fry, with fresh organic broccoli, bok choy, tofu, and lots of yummy spices! It was delish! (and as I am fasting during the day all through Lent, it was a much appreciated meal!)
Sebs was quite happy with his Annie's mac n'cheese...aka "bunny noodles!!"
Funny how I often end up cooking at least two, if not three different meals every night...

In the world of craftiness; I spent most of this morning spinning some roving into yarn...and I am halfway done with Sebbers "stripey sweater", I've only to finish the sleeves and sew it all together. That is pretty good considering I just cast-on 3 days ago!
As I spin, garden, become a herbalist, and bake more and more, I cannot help to think about having a wee micro-farm of my very own, a few sheep, chickens, goats, and organic veggies and fruits! Sebs only request is for us to grow "blueberries!!!" He has a very tiny, and very cute green thumb! He loves to dig with me in the garden, (he gets a big old soup spoon) and asks questions about every which plant or root or bug he comes across...He also loves chickens, (we visit them everday at Pistil nursery) so perhaps his chores on the farm will include egg gathering in the mornings...
Speaking of...

As I heard the rain pitter patter upon our roof, I peeked outside to check on the seedlings I planted yesterday. They had made it through the night unharmed. Thank goodness! Our snap peas, broccoli, walla walla onions, and spinach all looked perky and happy...yay for raised beds!

Then, Sebs and I were off to run a few errands...the Herb Shoppe, Another Moon Bookshop, Lint, and even a sneaky pit stop at the Albina Street Press for some coffee and a zuc muffin for the wee man.

I am spending most of the day at work, and tonite I will make some spaghetti for din din. We bought some Irish uber sharp cheddar cheese the other day, and I am thinking of adding it to the sauce to give it a nice zing....

Next week is Matt's 30th birthday, and the day following Sebastian and I are heading out to the lush forests and farmlands of Tennessee....we are really looking forward to it...

What else? Oh! I have now officially begun my apprenticeship at the Northwest School of Herbalism...I feel quite called to it, and am so very excited to begin classes next month! Jo Powell is my teacher, and she is a heck of gal to say the least...she really cracks me up. She has studied with the best Western herbalists in the country, (Michael Moore, Rosemary Gladstar...) so I just know this is going to be an amazing learning experience!

I have been keeping very busy on the reading front, from modern British druidry, to herbalism, and another go at "Paradise Lost", I have been keeping the wheels up there turning and turning...