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Friday, January 21, 2005

if you're san francisco

i almost forgot...spud and i are taking a wee trip next week to visit out loved ones in san francisco. oh, home..i do miss it so! and i get to see joe and ron and liz and gerry and otto...and hopefully rendezvous to my favorite haunts in the city and on the coast...i can smell the fog already. *sigh*

cabin fever

everything concerning opening up the shop has been going at full speed...we met with our lawyer a few days ago... (i can finally say..."i need to speak with my lawyer first.."!!) and everything is right on track. We should be able to move into our space on n. mississippi by the first of febuary. it's hard to believe! i've been doing tons of buying, scanning ebay for deals on a cash register, bought a serger, and am now planning on what i'll be sewing for the shop. it's going to be great being able to have my workshop within the store. i can just sit and sew or knit and make lovely items while people meander through. perfection!
yesterday, i got the first of our many orders in the mail, and am having a ton of fun fondling all of the merchandise and imagining what it will look like in the shop.
we are still looking for someone to make up our logo design and print materials....any takers!?! well i should run, sebastian is mashing some buttered toast into our couch. more later. xo, b

Monday, January 17, 2005

gothic stich n' bitch tonite

hello ladies and gents,
o.k., here's the scoop. BACKSPACE 8PM MONDAYS. bring your lovely self, a friend if you'd like, and your knitting, or crochet, cross stitch, whatever handiwork it is that you are into (or just a curiosity and willingness to learn). i'll be there knitting a cable scarf in blue. hope to see you there! xo, brooke ps. think of some good names we can call ourselves! (i.e. victorian sewing circle and terrorist society ...)


went on a lovely walk this morning, happily alone. i caught the train to downtown and walked all the way to trinity cathedral. it was a great time as i had almost the entire downtown of portland to myself! there were no cars on the road, and only a few souls were up and about walking. the ice was attached to almost every surface, making a kind of glassy wonderland. (even old town!) the stillness, and the drip drip of the ice slowly melting made a great song to my steps

a store is born

on thursday i got a call from the realtor and our proposal was accepted by the landlord...we got the space on n. mississippi! this is soo exciting! memoir should be open by the end of next month. (i dont know how...but it will.)can you hear my sigh of complete relief?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

sniffles i've got the sniffles and an itchy throat...woe is me! time to have some udon soup and chamomile tea...
12:04 pm
here i am, coffee in hand...its windy, and grey, and cold outside. i should be out walking around town, but sebastian is taking a here i am.i just got the sweetest phone call from matt while he was at work. he is rarely able to call from work, so it's always nice to hear his voice in the middle of the day. he needs me to bring him a notebook for a class that he has tonite, in return i talked him into going to the excalibur with me between classes. it's new comix day and we have to go and check on our box to see if there are any goodies! needless to say, i didnt have to ask him twice.

what else? i'm wearing my stripey over the knee socks that are keeping my feet nice and toasty. i love winter clothing. coats, and dresses, and long skirts, and scarves and mittens...what could be better?
everything with "memoir" is going smoothly, i have yet to hear from our realtor whether or not the landlord accepted our proposal, but i have a feeling that everything will be fine. i've been spending grotesque amounts of time online searching for items to carry. i cant wait until we have a full roster and i can search a bit less for new things. still if there are any graphic designers out there who need a tiny bit of work, craftsters, or even a good lawyer or law student to go over our lease...drop me a line!
ta-ta for now

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

this is a pic of me the other nite ebfore i went grocery shopping, you see when you an old married woman like me sometimes you need to get all dolled up, even if you have no place to go. or the place you do go is just the grocery store. Posted by Hello

messy morning head, about to run off to the realtors to sign the lease proposal for the space for "memoir" Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 06, 2005

more stax... Posted by Hello

goth nite

sometimes i forget how shy i am. last nite for example, i decided to go to embers for their infamous "goth nite" and put on a dress and made myself presentable to the public...i wore my 100 year old victorian coat and everything. i went alone. i was too nervous/shy to dance for the first, ummm...3 hours! but finally a nick cave song came on and i was inspired to skake a leg so to speak. (although goth dancing is fun it looks a bit silly compared to 1960's motown back up singers or some such, but i dont really care...) although there were a couple scary incidents (like 50+ y.o. man buying me a drink and not leaving my table even when i excused myself and left it for over and hour to dance...i had to be resued by a friendly stranger) i think i met a few truly lovely people and i may even go back next week.
as much as i am constantly being disappointed by the human race, i never lose hope. never.