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Friday, October 29, 2004

pumpkins and mud

yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch on sauvie island. kerry has dubbed our visit "the quickest pumpkin patch visit ever!", due to the rainfall and plentiful dirt, the pumpkin patch was very VERY muddy. sebastian was the first victim, falling face first in it about 8 times until i took a hit and finally grabbed him and got mud all over my jacket and skirt. There was mud everywhere! kerry wore sandals...( like woa ! on a rainy day to the pumpkin patch?) and got icky muddy feet. I tried to hose sebastian down in the tub where you wash your pumpkin off but he just kept getting away and getting muddy all over again. hence i took him to the car, stripped him down to a t-shirt and diaper, and we "vroomed" out of the patch as fast as we could. no hay rides, no scouring the entire patch for the perfect pumkin, just a mad frenzy in and out! although i must say that the pumpkins we ended up with are very lovely. we're going to carve them tonite after a major housecleaning. guests are coming from out of town today and tomorrow...tob and spud will be spending the nite i think, and tomorrow is my spooktacular birthday party! last nite i tried on a few different options for my vampire woa! did i mention the HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? BATS AND VAMPIRES AND GHOSTS I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM ALL HOORAY!!!! i'll be posting a ton of pics at the end of the weekend and you'll see what i mean.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

hand claps

i realized today, while i was dancing to some old marvin gaye, that when i was little, i always wanted to be one of the back-up singers. you know those girls doing the cool moves in unison? like a old soul cheerleading squad. well, i realized that i've been making up these dance routines to these songs my entire life!! when i dance i always do these little moves to each song, just like i would have if i was one of the back-up singers! i still do these motions like putting my hands on top of my heart, pointing up to the sky, hand clapping...all the good stuff. i am almost 26 and still have visions of beehives and hand-jives. go fig.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Stadt Munster

As I was driving home from a trip to the post office yesterday, I was listening to "the world" on OPB and came across a show on the 5 most liveable cities on the planet. (2 of which are in Germany. ) The #1 city to live in is Stadt Munster, Germany. They interviewed the mayor of thie city, who was just so, what's the word? Gentle. He spoke about how they planned the city in the old world way with a lot of communities, and a wonderful center of town. He was quite enthusiastic and you could tell how much he loved the place. Everyone in Stadt Munster rides a bicycle to work and school and just for funsies...including the bishop and the mayor! Munster is not related to Munster cheese. Listening to this snippet just reminded me about all of the wonderful possiblities of life, which, makes me soo happy! It's possible that I could move to the #1 most liveable city in the world! like word! i am so there. anyone up for a trip to germany?

Monday, October 18, 2004


wow, today i was reading random blogs... and found that there is a singapore idol! like american idol, only in singapore!! like woa! i've never seen an episode of american idol, but...i would watch singapore idol. like totally!
in the world of craftiness, i finished crocheting a perfectly lady-like black cloche hat w/red flower today while sebs was napping, and anna brought over cauli-pie for dinner! yowzers!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

lazy hazy day

yesterday kerry and i drove up to seattle for a rockin' shopping trip! ( lets hear it for student loans! woo hoo! ) first we had a yummy brunch at longshoreman's daughter in fremont (kerry's fav. breakfast place) and then stopped by my old places of employment; burnt sugar and frankie's for some gifts. we then drove downtown, went to nordstroms where i ooh'd and ahh'd over some amazing clothing, my favorite being the knit capelets and marc jacobs tops. kerry bought some grey and pink converse and some makeup. after about 20 mintues in the store my eyes started to glaze over and i just hung out near the piano player so i didnt have to rub elbows with insane lady shoppers. ( i like to look at new clothing and shoe designs and the like, but hate those nordie ladies...they have sharp elbows, streaked hair and the whole high heel w/slacks thing freaks me out. ) i'd much rather just people watch. afterwards we crossed the street to hit the gap. i know, the evil empire right? co-opting indie style? well i would complain more, but since i bought an lovely assortment of : 3 tops/1 sweater/1 skirt/1 pair of cords all for less than $50...i can't really complain. i heart sales! i'm just grateful to finally have some new duds that i didnt have to make myself!
then off to china gate for some kick-ass dim sum and hot and sour soup. ummm they should call it dim yum! i am drooling right now just thinking about it.
today has proven to be a very lazy day so far. just some tv watching and hazelnut latte drinking, diaper changing and now, some crocheting and knitting. i should really get out of my pj's but havent found a good reason yet. sebs is asleep and i have the house to myself, nopt to mention that there's some football on tv!
cathryn and i will be jamming today and i have a couple of new songs to play.
xo, b

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

chocolate and orange

i love going to di primi cafe and getting a yummy chocolate and candied orange bun w/ a cup of coffee for breakfast. i have been wanting one all week long and i finally went this morning. yummy yumminess times a million. i dont think i'll need to eat till din din. last nite i made an asparugus marinara w/ pasta and john came over for dinner. he brought with him a gorgeous apple pie AND bread that HE baked himself! not only were they fantastic, they were beautiful too, the apple pie had leaves of dough on the top! he told us all about his month long trip to new zealand ( i am very jealous by the way) and of his wanderlust. i love making new friends! especially ones that have been on some neat adventures. speaking of adventures, kerry and i are planning on driving up to seattle this weekend and going shopping and looking around, who knows...we might even make it an international affair and drive to british columbia! i just barely remember the last time i was there, it seems like forever ago. it is by far one of my favorite cities. on our way to seattle i am hoping to make a pit stop in tacoma, and show kerry teh stadium district including rampart and frisco freeze. in seattle, we might take a ride on the ferry, but i MUST MUST MUST go to vivace's and get some beans for home. (drooool) i have such fond memories of waking up on capital hill at 3pm and walking the few blocks to vivaces and getting a seriously decadent caramel latte. oh, i do miss sleeping... one great thing about not sleeping so much these days is the amount of knitting/sewing/crochet i get finished! this week alone i made a lovely scarf, crocheted bowl, and gloves! gotta run...

Monday, October 11, 2004

top secret

at this very moment i am burning an old recording onto cd. it is a record i helped to make. as i am listening to my, and andy's voices, songs, guitars, and beats; it strikes me as a terrible thing that this was never ever released. i hope to be able to remedy that soon. (my dreams are not dead.) brown yarn and ribbon was scored today at lint in my yearly stocking up of yarns-that-are-destined-to-be-gifts. in other news, paula and i made an awesome batch of hummus. as i drove her back to the airport, i was watching the planes taking off, and wished that i was on one of them. tonite: coffee with cathryn at backspace and then some pinball at ground control! the addams family is my favorite pinball game that they have there. i hope that someday soon they will obtain and elvira mistress of the dark pinball machine. i am liking italics these days.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


my goodness! what a weekend! we've had 2 out of town visitors, first my friend spud from seattle, and second my sister-in-law paula from utah. that is one really nice thing about having a big house is that you can have friends over, and they dont have to sleep in the living room! i must be a grown-up now. the weekend was pretty uneventful, i spent most of it watching sebastian and cleaning. although i did spend some of it recording on the 4-track and playing guitar. i was also able to watch mysteries on opb. can i just give a shout out here to public television, and do my duty as a member to get you to become a member too? public television rocks!! mysteries is one of my favorite shows, and this one was called death in holy was an entire show about guys in monk-ie outfits in favorite! i crocheted a nice bowl, and am done with two sets of fingerless gloves. one black, and one a multi-brown w/pink. (pics once the camera is back from the shop i promise.) tomorrow i am meeting with a lady named cathryn who plays bass...and we're gonna have coffee and talk shop. i am excited because i have very much been wanting to get back into playing music with other people, its not as much fun by myself! in my life, when it rains, it pours. now i have a couple of projects possibly starting up. tomorrow is also great because paula and i are going to hit up two of my favorite local yarn shops, lint, and mabels knittery....well its time fer a bath with my favorite suds from, graveyard and crypt are my favorite scents...(my birthday is on election day, nov. 2nd in case anyone was wondering....)

Friday, October 08, 2004


I just got an email of this pic of myself playing with the subdebs years ago. check out the beehive! Posted by Hello

stormy weather

ooh its the first storm of fall! i am soooo happy! its raining and windy and i am sitting in front of the window drinking coffee and listening to ella fitzgerald. yay! fall has finally arrived! time for cocoa and marshmallows, pumpkin bread, and casseroles! baking baking baking!! woo hoo! my theology class yesterday was amazing, i can never get over how very very much i love history, especially biblical jewish and christian history. i found out that i get to teach a class for the cathedral arts program in making your own shrine. glitter, collage, paint, ect...for the lenten season, should be super crafty fun! not to mention just a bit kitschy? a winning combination. ok i have been super duper busy as of late knitting and crocheting. yesterday i started a pattern knitting a pair of fingerless gloves, in hopes that they will come out completely fabulous and i can give them as gifts for the holidays. i think i might try them in crochet also... there is nothing better than making someone a gift. a goal of mine is to knit xmas stockings this year instead of sewing them. i am thinking black and white stripes for mine, kinda of nightmare before christmas-ish. i am hoping to save some moolah so i can go buy the yarn soon. i just adore yarn. dont you? this weekend kerry and i are going to have a sew-in and finish our halloween costumes, i am going as a vampire as usual, but this year i have a kick ass black and red vinyl corset! so i am sewing a bitchin black satin goth-y dress to wear under it with huge bell sleeves and sheer black panels with bats on them...i cant wait. kerry is going as mary had a little lamb and sebastian is going as her lamb! i have also been busy recording some new songs on the 4 track. 4 tracks are soo easy! i never knew. i didnt realize how much i had missed making music and recording, and am quite pleased in the manner that its coming back into my life. well sebs has watched too much tv already this morning...gotta go read to him to counter it.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


i just taught sebs how to say "pirate" !!!! like woa. he can also say "dude, football, guitar, book, pick ( my guitar pick..)" and he can high five. baby genius no?


there is this awesome group called revolutionary knitting circle, and i am very jealous that sf and salt lake city have a chapter and suprised that pdx doesnt! on top of being totally cool already...they're canadian! so... my pdx friends....anyone up for some revolutionary knitting?!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


ahhh... the babe is down for his nap, and i am ready to keep crocheting this table runner. kerry had a good idea of making it into a lap blanket instead. she said i should do that because we havent seen the top of the dining room table in some time. it's covered with paperwork and piles of fabric. what do you think? table runner? blanket? ... the new crochet me! site rocks! i am working on a couple of designs to submit to them. i am happy to find that there is a crochet version of knitty on the web...its about time! i also get a delivery from manic organic today. hip! hip! hooray! fresh, organic fruits and veggies to last us 2 weeks! yummers. my digital cam is busted, pics of wips will be up soon i promise!

Monday, October 04, 2004

sebs is the pint size pirate of my heart. Posted by Hello

ahoy ahoy!

hello, my name is brooke, and i am a craft-a-holic. last nite i finished my french press cozy to find, (of course after an hour of finishing and weaving in ends of the lovely blue green and black stripes) that it looked completely silly on my french press. directly after that, i began to crochet a table runner. wip stripey cardi for lil sebs is going nowhere. i look at it everyday and am just sick of it! i am halfway finished with it and i just cant bring myself to complete it for some reason...i just have knitters block i guess. today i took sebastian to the indoor park with anna and the boys, drank 2 pots of coffee and a huge cup of irish breakfast tea. danced to stevie wonder with the wee man and played around a bit with my new 4-track. i cant wait to get recording! my plan is to cover "sign, sealed, delivered" as my first "test project". its fun to sing to, and if i can figure out that bass line, i'll be stylin'. i'll post pics of my projects as soon as i can!