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Thursday, July 28, 2005

i have come to the realization that i need to buy some books by members of "the inklings"...other than tolkien and lewis...charles williams, nevill coghill, and owen barfield. mythology & theology, poetry & linguists.
i cannot wait until classes start this fall.
and my dearies, brooke is going catholic. yep. that's right. i am taking the final step, (or better yet, the first) and will be able to take my first eucharist as a catholic, sooner than later. (mom i hear you giggling!)
kinda wild?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

i have been listening to a lot of dock boggs at the shop lately. and have come to the conclusion that i need a banjo!

this afternoon, the air has been full of cursing, as i had to rip out the SOCKS that I have been trying to knit for my MOM'S birthday.....for the 4th time! ...sorry mom! i am a terrible sock knitter it seems!
tonite kerry and i are going to stay home and watch OPB. all of the BBC shows are on, and we can geek out. speaking of geeking out, i like to listen to the radio broadcast of the "chronicles of narnia" every saturday morning on the local catholic radio station....sebs likes it too. its fun to listen to someone telling a story, i think there should be waaaay more radio shows like that....maybe some day i'll make a podcast of the lord of the rings or something like that. ha!
sebs and i went to the hollywood farmers market this morning, we have been reading "blueberries for sal" together, and he has been begging me for blueberries all week long. i kept telling him that we had to wait until saturday so that we can buy them from the farmers market. well, this morning right after he woke up he squealed to me," farmer's market! blueberries!" and off we went....i love fresh from the farm organic there anything better? we scored 2 pints of blueberries, green beans, garlic, onions, lettuce, and broccolli. YUM! dinner is going to be amazing tonite!

Friday, July 22, 2005

sebbies and i went for a long, long, long walk this morning. all the way from our house to Mabels. (that's at least 5 miles round trip! ) on the way, i stopped off at ptown scooters to look at the scooter of my dreams, Stella. *sigh* i have to start saving my pennies right away! nothing worth anything is easy... saw cait this morning, and met her new employee elisabeth, who is super cute and nice. sebs gave all his lovies to cait, and they both picked blackberries in her backyard. then it was time to walk all the way back home....
it is quite humid today, as it was 93 degrees yesterday and last nite we have thunder storms and some rain. YUCK! humidity is the worst!
tonite, kerry, ashley, matt, sebs, cait, and I are going to go out for din din, and maybe a wee bit of a band practice?
i am the shop until 7, and am almost finished with the bias garter stich scarf.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

tonite is the mississippi avenue music walk. it happens every second thursday, through the spring and summer. the normal street fairish stuff: art, music, hobo's, screaming children and badly behaved parents. i have to be here until at least 9pm and kerry is being a saint among saints and watching sebastian...matt is working at bridge city comics. last nite i attempted to put together my new spinning wheel so i could make some yarn here in the shop...but NOOOOO...the lady whom i had bought it from decided to send me the instructions to a different model and i think that i have put it together BACKWARDS!! ACK! we'll see tonite...i am going to try to get some oil for it from cait..(.i should probably call her first though...anyway...she should come over with man tonite!) it looks like not only will i be knitting everyone gifts for xmas this year..i will have actually SPUN some of the yarn! i also met the really nice girl who owns this great dress shop around the corner called ""duchess". she is having her grand opening tonite, and i cannot wait to go over and see more of her amazing dresses. (they are all remade of vintage pattterns, to size 20!!) ok, now off to helping hang the installation thats going in tonite....

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

today has been a day of errand running... this morning we went for a nice walk, then to the bank, our old apartment, groceries, and i even picked up an order from queen bee, all before it was time to go to work. today sebastian is with me at the shop, and he is like a tornado...i know whats coming but have no idea where exactly he'll destroy next! ...yesterday was our first official day in our lovely new home! cait and ashley helped TONS, aye, the bane of having a pickup truck is that you are always asked to help move stuff! anyway, much thanks to them! the house is soo cute, it FEELS like home already. I am excited about the studio space and practice spaces as well as our clawfoot tub. so much possibility...sewing, serging, band practice, spinning....tonite kerry is taking sebs and i to an office party at the zoo. should be tons o' fun!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

all day today and tomorrow i am working at the shop...i really enjoy working weekends because i get to see so many people! weekdays around here are terribly slow still, so its nice to see a parade snobby hipsters, pregnant ladies, crying children, more hipsters, and the occasional old married couple.
i am reading dietrich bonhoeffers "letters from prison" today, which is quite amazing of course, and always puts me in a far more humble mood. there is something to be said of humility these days. being "humble" isnt a valued trait in this country, or our society in general, yet, it is the one we need now, most of all! we are all so self centered, self righteous, and preoccupied with how great we are and how much we own...
on that note i must run as there are people in the shop!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

in other news

last evening kerry, sebs, and i went for a nice swim at the matt dishman community pool. sebs had a blast and squealed the entire time. he's a guppie like me! i am going back to work today, and i couldnt be more excited as my ashford "traveler" spinning wheel might arrive today! for those of you who might not already know this, i am secretly turning into a crazy fiber lady. i am obsessed with all things related to natural fibers; knitting, crochet, spinning, felt...i dream of yarn! i have even entertained the thought of moving to the country and buying a flock of sheep! crazy huh?! well i should run now, i have a bit of knitting to finish and sometime this morning i would love to visit cait over at mabels, where the poor gal is slaving away from 8am -9pm!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

the call

*sigh* what a very long, and gruesome trip it was to san francisco... my sister and i got "the call" last wednesday, and by that afternoon, we were already headed south on I-5 in a rental to be at our fathers' bedside during, what looks like, are his final days. oy vey...the life of a daughter of an alcoholic. egad. what a completely long and sad way to go. for the past 3 years, my sister and i have received the call about 3 times...the doctors always said that he wouldn't make it, that his liver is shot, his kidneys have failed, jaundice, blood poisoning... but he always pulled through in the end...although each time, it seemed to take decades off of him. and each time his doctors told him that one more drink could and would kill him. it was like playing russian roulette...i suppose that my dad felt lucky, because he kept playing... it seems though, that this time he's lost, indeed in that hospital bed lay a shell of a human that once was... he could not move, talk, understand, remember anything or anyone, he is gone already... all i can say at the moment is that i am VERY tired, i feel sort of hazy, and everyone else seems a little crazy to me too. thank goodness for good friends (c&a&spud!), good relatives, (mom, kerry, barry!!), and of course Matthew and Sebastian who are being saints among men to me, even in my hazy-crazed crankiness.