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Saturday, June 25, 2005

good morning

well i've sold the musicman 210 in my quest to become an all acoustic kind of gal...(am i really ready for that? necessity says so.) so it's time to put my nose to the grind to learn a lot of old-timey songs on the geetar and to practice harmonies with my sister...cait on the ukelele and the yarnbirds already have our first gig in october! last nite cait and i went to fabric depot and scored some really great fabric and patterns to make purses and knitting bags/needle rolls for our shops. i am working the shop all day today and kerry is helping me out there too. we received our shipment from if'n books yesterday and i want one of everything! handmade paper goods are sooo lovely! i have been knitting a cardigan (bartlett sport weight cone in dark red) and a present for my mother, not to mention a few items for the shop... and i will be starting on a stitch diva pattern for a cloche hat sample so that i can teach some crochet at mabel's! woo hoo!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

busy busy busy

although monday was sebastians "real" birthday, we had a lovely party for him at mabels on sunday! there was a lovely handmade banner hanging upon our arrival that read "happy birthday sebs!". we shared cake and ice cream and a lot of sebbie kisses. sebastian received soooo many presents from our very generous family and friends, that we are still reeling at our new toy arsenal! i think that everyone who was able to make it had a lot of fun . the very next day found matthew, sebs, spud, cait, ashley, and myself in a very cool rented nissan minivan driving to seattle. we paid a short visit to capitol hill, ballard (to visit velouria and pick up and order for memoir which wasn't ready!) , and of course, fremont to visit my old bosslady, kathy, whom we had the misfortune of having "just missed her" and had to endure a few very painful minutes with natalia, the most annoying and stuck up sales girl EVER! egad! after that it was time to head to centralia!!! my favorite place in the northwest for mexican food and thrifting...(it is a huge thrift secret OK? so don't go telling everyone that the thrift stores there are still amazing..) .i scored a ton of great vintage fabric the,t come monday, i will cut up and sew together to make some great knitting needle case holders and purses...with the help of cait of course! i opened the shop yesterday to the racket of construction going on next door ... and two huge pickup trucks parked directly in front of our front door...and happily, a nice little visit from cait! we also had craft nite last nite, kerry and i and spud hung out until about 9pm.... kerry having broken up with john, (the seemed like a nice guy at first but ended up being a crazy arsehole of a boyfriend.. ) is now sans cutlery and a tv...poor gal!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

freaks and geeks

last nite kerry picked me up from work and we had a slumber party at our place...we ate yummy mississippi pizza pub pizza (1/2 vegan) knitted, and watched "o brother where art thou"...(we love to sing along with it!)
this morning we met spud at the farmers market and i bought some wonderful organic lavender and sweet peas for the shop...the atm spewed out more money at me than i thought existed in my account, and the shop has been steady-ish all day long.
tomorrow is fathers day and i am really hoping that my stepdad got his present today!
tomorrow is also sebastians birthday party at Mabels!! i can barely believe that i am the mother of a 2 year old AND that i am actually considering having another!

Friday, June 17, 2005

can you belive that this fella turns 2 on monday?! Posted by Hello
memoir pics will be posted sooner than later i promise! i am having daydreams of heading over to Uwajimaya with cait and splurging on some japanese craft and knitting books...they are the best!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


ok, it has been waaaay too long since i posted last...this week i am going to turn this blog around into my crafty/memoir blog so stay tuned ....and many apologies! xo, b