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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

brooke and books

here is a list of books that i adored and finished over the past couple of small feat for the mother of a toddler!
1.dorian gray
2.idyll's of the king
3.mysteries of faith
4.murder on the rue...
5. the Apocrypha (yes the one from the hebrew scriptures)
all of the except #3 i had read before, but as with any good book you get more out of them the second or third time around.
as for my next venture finishing:
NON-Fiction (collection) by Borges, it is SO scholastic...i usually end up jumping around and never finishing. he is one of my all time favorites and lover of dreams.
Oxford Book of Classical Verse...i am about a quarter of the way throughIlliad (yet translation this time round)
Metemorpheses- Ovid was amazing, and this will be the second go round for me too.
anyone else around here truly obsessed with literature of old? that seems to be all i have ever cared for, aside from raymond carver and murakami...
please forgive any spelling errors as i am running on a major week long lack of sleep....

Saturday, March 12, 2005

friday nite

what i feel like doing tonite 1. now that i am an actual theology student i feel the need to start smoking a pipe while wearing a cardigan (that i knit for myself of course!) 2. to read the gospels to myself, in my new corset and victorian getup, and drinking a fine glass of cognac. the pipe smoking might go well there too 3.a nice walk would be lovely, now that its cooling down out there. it was 75 degrees the beginning of march, in portland oregon...(it's like one of my worst nightmares come true!) have you ever heard the song "lochness" by some velvet sidewalk? its one of my all time favorites. i am planning on going to the Vampire Ball tomorrow nite, and what else? lots and lots of reading. i am also hoping to be able to sleep in tomorrow morning...please keep your fingers crossed on that one. xo, b

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

well today we will finally get into our space for the shop and be able to putter around until we get the lights put in. My friend Tae Won Yu is finishing up our logo...and the lovely Chad and Emiko over at Food Fight Grocery will make our ads! I have tons of inventory laying around the house...and we are hoping to move into a 2 bd. apartment sometime soon...(any leads?) I posted an ad on Craigslist yesterday to see if anyone was interested in taking over our lease...It would be great to get into a smaller place and to not have a roommate anymore. (Even though our roommate is my lovely sister!) I am also pondering buying tickets for the vampire's ball this saturday but have yet to make up my mind...going solo is kind of boring when it's something of that calibur! I have my first information session at Marylhurst on Thursday too...Thursday also happens to be my Matt's AND my father's birthday. Did you ever have the feeling that there's a zamp in the lamp? Or a geeling on the ceiling? xo, b

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

yesterday i recieved in the mail a lovely note and package from my friend david, containing none other than a copy of a VON LMO cd! i am uber excited...i cannot wait to give it a listen!yesterdays lease signing went fine, although i think our realtor is a snob..that comes as no suprise tho....oh! and we bought a g4 powerbook for the shop. i heart having a mac! i also bought matthew a mini ipod for his birthday...(the 10th) and i couldnt wait for him to open it so i just gave it it to him when i came home. i was jumping up and down as he opened he, he thought i was going crazy until he saw what it was, and then he practically yelped for joy. ( to all of you who are either single and working, or have a two income houselhold this might not seem like a big deal but when you're a married couple with a toddler living off of $1200 a IS a big deal!)i've been feeling an itch to get out one nite this week....but i am totally booked with other stuff until saturday nite...sigh.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

here is mr. cutie booty patootie.. he looks like a wee elf! Posted by Hello

the most recent pic of myself...people keep asking me for here you are..and i look really weird! Posted by Hello


these past few weeks have been completely wonky! sebastian has beeth teething something fierce, and refuses to sleep, or go to sleep on his own for that matter. last week, matt and i didnt get more than 3 hours sleep a nite because sebastian was soooo cranky!

the store is coming along nicely. spud and i are finally going to sign the lease today! woo hoo! the oregonian did a nice a&e piece last week on the "hot" new N. Mississippi neighborhood, and even wrote about the building that we're moving into! we received the lovely logo ideas from tae yesterday.... and i picked out paint chips a few days ago. lovely shades of chocolate browns, lavenders, some periwinkle, and an orange....should be really nice. i can hardly wait to get the store up and running. it seems so unreal at this point.

i have officially applied to marylhurst university, and am going for a second bachelors in religious studies, and then will apply to their doctorate of divinity program . this is a HUGE step for me, and i feel very excited about it. i know its the right thing to do, i am just flying by the seat of my pants on how i will get school, work, and sebs all taken care of properly. my only consolation is that people DO do it.

i have also taken up spinning my own yarn this past week...and i am already quite addicted. i am very lucky to live in a town where there are more than 10 yarn shops! yesterday i headed down to northwest fiber works, and bought some lovely rovings to spin. one is dyed pink and red, and another, turquoise/purple/yellow/olive. i would love to make something for matt out of yarn t hat i spun, and knitted....but they didnt have any guy-ish type colorways! (hmmm....and if you ever need an idea about what to get me for my birthday or xmas....yarn...yarn supplies....knitting books...all winners!) i wish i had the same patience and desire for housecleaning as i do for knitting and spinning....
well time to get some yummy coffee! xo, b