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Thursday, December 30, 2004


i have a HUGE JERRY ORBACH sized hole-in-my-heart.


Saturday, December 25, 2004


OK, so yesterday I made: lamb and spinach sfeeha's, arabic bread, lebne, hummus, and tabouleh. John brought over dried figs, some amazing pears and tangerines, goat cheese, and tons of yummys. we had a yule log cake that was uber yummers. i havent cooked that much in forever!
this morning was present opening time and we made a $40 limit to our gifts to eachother this really made this years present giving a lot less stressful! (not to mention a bit more creative and meaningfull) i scored nick cave's novel, "and the ass saw the angel", red lowtop converse, and a staple singers cd!! we have been listening to our traditional elvis christmas cd (kerry and i grew up on it) and OH! i should mention what i gave matt, well a vintage viewfinder with some vintage reels to go in it ( and they were handmade ones too!) a joe sacco graphic novel ( that he already had! i am a dork) and another little graphic novel, from reading frenzy.
sebastian scored all across the board including a vintage 49ers jersey, some shape sorters, and ton of great books.
well its definetly coffee time, i now regret breaking my new vegan vows for last nites feast...dairy no more! merry christmas and happy new year to ya'll! drop me a line! oh yea spud and i decided that we are going to call the shop "memoir." yay!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

a store!

sorry about the lack of posts here everyone, life has been a wild mess as of late. the good news friend daniel and i are opening up a shop together! we will carry handmade goods from our favorite people as well as our own lines of stationary, clothing, and gifts. tonite, we're hoping to decide on a name ( i think it's down to 2) and a neighborhood...Mississippi or the Pearl. my very own shop....i must be the luckiest gal alive!

i also want to thank everyone who has been so generous in their gift-giving and card-sending. I HEART MAIL! it's super cute to hear sebs say, "MAAIL!!!MAAAAIIIL!!!" when the postman comes. well that's all for now, back to holiday knitting and business form-filling.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

a portrait of me when i was pregnant with sebastian. it was taken by a friend, and has been hung in a few shows around town. my mom has the only copy, so i took a picture of it. (being pregnant rocks!...until the whole giving birth part anyway.) Posted by Hello

here is mom and dad and sebs in front of the STAX the DOPEST place on EARTH! i almost cried a FEW times it was SO amazing. so if you ever find yourself in memphis, tennessee...please check it out. Posted by Hello

what fer?

sebastian received his first official haircut from a young gal at jc penney's in kentucky...she had never before given anyone a mohawk, let alone a toddler! doesnt he look fabulous?! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


wow, this has been such a great trip! sebs and i have gone on tons of walks in the woods...being on 130 acres does have it benefits! sebastian has had a kind of difficult time dealing with the affection of all 5 dogs...they rarely leave him alone (doggie slobber kisses...) and will stay very close to us when we are out and about on the farm. they've knocked him over i dont know how many times, and often he ends up reaching up for me to pick him up.
we havent made it to memphis yet, but are planning on going this friday. i am really excited to see the stax museum and will hopefully be able to talk my mom into making a pit stop at yarniverse. i have been knitting up a storm! i have gone through literally15 skeins of yarn (at least!) since i've been wrists are becoming sore, but i am loving every minute of it. i know all of the gifts will be appreciated...
i have also been able to listen to some of the great cds i have bought over the past couple of years and had never gotten around to really listening to them; including but not limited to: the fiery furnaces first record, pj harvey's uh huh her, nick cave's latest double cd set, and a lot of others...i am really impressed with them, and am sooo happy to have finally, truly given them a spin.
well, its time to work on some of my own songs...xo to family and friends whom i dearly miss.