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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


well my valentine gave me a huge cone of wonderful bartlett wool red fingerweight yarn. we went out for a very yummy sushi dinner, and even watched the first episode of horatio hornblower with kerry and john. we figured since john had never had the pleasure of horatio's campiniess and hotness...we'd indulge him. it turned out however, that kerry and i enjoyed it far more than john...matt on the other was his idea in the first place!
today we got a wee refund from the state so off to target (gasp! horror!) to buy a much needed new coffee maker (our lovely french press b usted a while ago...much sad making.) and i scored a chenille slipcover for the couch for $55!! i am quite proud of my ability to hone in on the's nice to know that i still have it in me.
i also bought the latest issue if interweave knits hot off of the presses today!
i must run...xo, b

Monday, February 14, 2005

secret saint valentine

i was given a vintage typewriter, by a secret valentine.
it is the exact same model as my grandmother had...and in it's case!

in other st. valentine's day news, matthew bought me a mini vegan chocolate cheesecake shaped as a heart with a little xo on it.

and what else? oh! i am working on a sweater for myself! (finally!) it's like the one i made for my mom for xmas, but black! hey need to send me a pic of you in the sweater so i can put it up!

also i have been a very terrible daughter and havent yet sent my dad his belated birthday present! and it;s just sitting here right in front of me...its staring at me and pleading with me to send it to it's rightful owner.


xo, b

Saturday, February 12, 2005

good grief

life is so completely heartless and messed up sometimes...
it's difficult to want to help someone through grief, when you can't really.

this morning is a beautiful one. the fog is still sitting on the ground, making the world look like there is a forest fire nearby. i was able to put together a new song this morning while sebastian danced to it. he does this awesome little baby bop dance, it melts my heart to see it. these bright moments, so warm, so rare...they are what life is all about.

yesterday, i taught sebastian to make his monkey "ooh ooh ohh" sound when I ask him, "what sound does the president make?" pretty funny...i need to put that on video.

i've been so very tired all week long...i dont know what it is, but i have just felt completely drained. so unlike me...

i will make an attempt to get out tonite or tomorrow nite. no guarantees!

i've been reading ezra pound's collected works before bedtime and during my nightly bath. i love, love, love him. he's just...dreamy. pound and borges are my two all-time favorite poets. i am also halfway through oscar wilde's dorian gray...i love it.

i talked to my old band mate and best friend star today...gave her a huge update about whats really going on in my life. i often wish she wasnt living in los angeles...i miss her so.

dorian gray

separate lives

this is very interesting since i have just started re-reading dorian gray a couple of weeks ago! i scored equally as dracula and dorian gray...spooky!
this is a result from a quiz i took the other day:

You scored as Dorian Gray. You are the immortal, narcissistic bachelor from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. Your physical beauty is matchless and your reputation, spotless. Meanwhile, your portrait suffers continual disfiguration as you pursue a secret life of debauchery, revealing the true content of your damnable soul.

Dorian Gray

Count Dracula

The Invisible Man

Frankenstein's Monster

The Headless Horseman

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


What's Your 19th Century Horror Character?
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