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Thursday, November 25, 2004


well my friends, sebs and i will be leaving portland tomorrow morning (7am....) for my biannual trip to tennessee to visit my beautiful parents. we'll be on the farm for a few weeks, with a jaunt to the new Stax museum in memphis, and (hopefully), a trip to visit friends in NYC!!!!

every time i visit the big apple, i never ever ever ever ever ever want to leave. i often try to talk my dh into moving there, but there's no allure for him. "too big...too expensive..." reasonable arguments, but when have ever been a reasonable kind of gal?!

we'll be back home on the 17th of december...until then, i may not post too much... i will however have my knitting needles flying (idle hands are the devils playthings...right?)... working on about 10 presents, none of which i can talk about yet, (since they are gifts,) but, i WILL post pictures as soon as i am able...i'll miss all of my friends while i am away...xo, gurlpurl aka brooke

Monday, November 22, 2004

to be missed

i just snuck downstairs on tippy toe ( sebs is all sickies and FINALLY fell asleep a few mintues ago...) to check the mail, and i got a flyer from Mabels Cafe and Knittery saying that they are having a HUGE sale... the DAY AFTER Thanksgiving...the day that i also happen to be leaving in the wee hours of the morning for none other than rural TENNESSEE!!! i preceded to throw my fists to the heavens and whispered softly (as not to wake his majesty the baby)..."OH MERCIFUL GOD WHY HADST THOU FORSAKEN ME?!?!WHY, LORD...WHY?? " i heart mabels, and had decided months ago to make every xmas and hannukuh present this year by hand...having purchased incredible amounts of yarn already....would have loved to gotten in on the yarn sale...but alas, it wasnt meant to happen. to keep my mind off of my sad fortune, i in turn checked my yarn order from Elann and to my complete joy, they shipped my yarn today, which means (hopefully) that i'll get it by the time i leave for tennessee! OH LORD WHY DID I EVER DOUBT YOU?

Friday, November 19, 2004

where are u?

i actually got an email back from everett true! i emailed him to see if he wanted a copy of the branches demo...and he did! stop my beating heart!

...his belly button is outta site cutie bootie Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 18, 2004

a nice stripey knitted capelet made from a bunch of scrap makes me happy when i wear freakin' cheerful! Posted by Hello

a green capelet inspired from an 1890's pattern i found! the brooch is from my mom...yay! Posted by Hello


OK... finally i took some pictures of a few of the items that I have been crocheting and knitting over the past month or two...enjoy!

fun crocheted table runner...and some sock yarn!  Posted by Hello

my black crocheted cloche hat! saucy! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

can i get a witness?

the plan for this evening: (aka:plan baked alaska) bake yummy treats, brew a pot of tea, knit socks, play scrabble with andrew, play guitar, sing, and listen to some new music. but first i must: go to grocery store, feed the wee man, finish laundry, and brush my teeth! being a grown up is a mix of the everyday drudgery and mystical moments (to be cherished forever). the good thing about being a grown-up versus a wee bairn is that you can appreciate the magical moments much, much more. like today i was reading ovid aloud to myself...just for a few minutes, and it was soooo grand! so, with that said, i shall depart and begin plan "baked alaska".

Monday, November 08, 2004

no more candy

oh my goodness.... i never thought that i could eat enough chocolate, but alas, i fear it is so. no more candy for me...please!! well, in the past two weeks i have had quite a lot of out of town visitors....(hence the lack of posts..) first, tobias came down from lake city, warshington...we had a great late nite talk, watched some karaoke at the alibi, and pretty much just kicked it most of the nite. then the lovely star was here "on location" in portland last week, and we were able to have a few good meals (and desserts). we chatted it up BIG was sooo great to see her, nothing's changed between us really, good friends are like that i suppose. even if you dont see them for, let's say 3 YEARS or so, when you do, it's like you were never ever apart. we are trying to figure out how we can go on a road trip together...hopefully to nyc? i miss the big apple...i have a fantasy of having a wee shop there... matt is home sick today, poor guy, i must run and make lunch...

hay there! Posted by Hello

spooky lady? Posted by Hello

sebs hearts muddy pumpkins... Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004

pumpkins guts! Posted by Hello

lil sebs Posted by Hello

little bo peep and her sheep aka. kerry and sebs Posted by Hello